Fraiche & Environment

The Earth is not our own, we borrow it from our children. Ecologically, KRAV, locally produced and fair trade is concept that is close to our heart.

Nature's rich resources and biodiversity, we value high both on land and at sea! By choosing organic products and services as much as possible, we try to contribute to a better world.
We always use organic milk from Kravmärkt Skånemejerier / Hjordnära.

With various contests, models and themes we are working actively to reduce feeding the foodmonster as it often shows up in the western world and its opulence where people throw huge amounts of flawless food every day. We follow WWF recommendations regarding choice of seafood.

Our food comes often at our beautiful platters of porcelain in reusable plastic boxes of our own delivery vehicles which is of recent Eurocap 5 model engines which minimize environmental impact.